Spring into Action on another Overland Event

There are some very popular adventure festivals but those that know prefer an event. I’ve not had the best of times at the ABR Festival although I hear that the most recent festival was much improved, and the Armchair Festival is in the wrong place for me at that time of year given other commitments.

I have very much enjoyed my time at the summer Overland Event held in early September in Oxfordshire so was thrilled to see news of another Overland Event “Spring Into Action”. Even better is that it is to be held at Steph Jeavons MotoCamp Wales in Snowdonia. This is relatively on my doorstep and my usual motorcycle playground.

The event differs from the usual events as it is very much activities based. The activities include trail riding, skills tuition, etc. While I don’t think I need much guidance around Snowdonia or assistance with navigation there is some non-motorcycle-related stuff that has caught my eye.

I wouldn’t particularly say I was an outdoorsy type even if motorcycling takes place on the outside. I often see references to hiking as a bit of an unnecessary effort. Having said that, and maybe because of my newfound camping and survival skills, I like the sound of foraging. I know that many who know me would firstly think of Mr. Ben and secondly a dead Mr. Ben with a mouthful of poisonous mushrooms. I would hope that I can avoid the latter scenario if guided.

Regardless of what other activities I partake in, its a given that I will be involved in ale drinking. I’m also told that the music is going to be as energetic and spectacular as the September event just gone.

Take a look at the website. I’m sure its going to be a great event.


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