Adventure Rider Radio – Planning a short tour

Recently Adventure Rider Radio invited me to chat with host, Jim Martin, about my approach to planning for a trip.

The focus was on how my trip planning can benefit and enhance a shorter tour. These often lasting no more than a couple of weeks and can still feel like an adventure.

The constraints of my job other family commitments limit the length of my trips. Due to recent events this type of tour was now of interest to riders who usually plan trips lasting months on end.

I try to make the planning part of the adventure which helps if, like me, you enjoy the research. It means you can hit the ground running and enjoy your limited time budget.

I hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as I enjoyed chatting with Jim on this episode of Adventure Rider Radio.

Route Planning - adventure rider radio
The old school map, although I use online mapping services to plan my routes.

Further reading

If you enjoyed the show then be sure to check out my book. The book covers many of the topics discussed in the show. Are we doing the Stelvio today? aims itself at those transitioning from the weekend adventurer to longer tours.

Synopsis – What’s the book about?

Somewhere between the overland motorcycle adventurers crossing the wild continents and the motorcycling day trippers lie a group of adventure bike riders.

This is a story of one such eclectic group of travellers from across the UK and America heading across the French, Swiss and Italian Alps towards the iconic Stelvio Pass.

Part story and part guidebook, this is a tale to inspire those who have yet to embark on a motorcycle tour of the Alps and shows that you don’t need to cross untamed lands to have an adventure.

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