Goodbye Black Betty

I will admit that there was a tear in my eye as I walked away from my old bike. Much as I was excited to be picking up a new BMW R1250GS Adventure HP Rallye TE (that’s a mouthful), it was with sadness that I thanked the Triple Black for carrying me safely for many miles.

Hello Betty Blue

It was the 1st of September and the new 69 plates meant that a number of new bikes going out of the showroom. I wasn’t the first to arrive so while others were in the process of handover I eyed mine in the corner of the showroom and had chance to stand and admire it, in all its blue, red and white HP glory.

Thanks to all at Chester Motorrad

It was soon my turn and after a handover that felt to go on for ever I was out of the dealers and on the road.

New bike, new kit

I had taken the opportunity to refresh some of my kit, particularly the UClear communicator (HBC200) that was greeting a bit long in the tooth and I had spent some time researching the best alternative. It came down to the Cardo Packtalk Bold and the Sena 30K, but with concerns over the Sena battery life and other niggles I opted for the Cardo.

It was a good decision and after carefully following the pairing sequence of headset to TFT, Headset to Nav6, Phone to TFT and phone to Nav6 I soon had everything talking nicely.

Cardo Packtalk Bold JBL

Motorrad Navigator VI, etc

Did I just mention Nav6? Yes, I sold the Nav5 and picked up a Motorrad Navigator VI satnav when I picked the bike up. Its essentially the same but with a clearer screen and as I have yet to use it in anger I can’t really comment more at this stage.

Motorrad Navigator VI installed

I had a few items that I took off the old bike. The Wunderlich Ergo wind deflector was taken off with the intention of selling it. I don’t think I will need it with the bigger GSA screen. I removed the GoPro mount and intend to put that on the new bike having checked it is the same fitting. I also took off the Wunderlich side stand enlarger only to find that the GSA has a different foot profile. I’ve since ordered and fitted the correct item.

Getting some miles under the belt

Now it’s all about running it in and getting to the first service. I planned a route up to the lakes. This picked up some good twisty B roads that put the gearbox through its paces and I’m about ready for the service.

Wild on the moors

I don’t really intend to go into any great detail at this stage as to the new 1250 engine as so much has already been said on the Internet and in print. I will say that it’s all true. The engine and gearbox is much more refined and the power increase is noticeable.

Just a note on the delivery tyres. I was unsure about the Michelin Anakee since the Continental Road Attack 3 have been my tyre of choice recently but I have no reason to complain. The tyres are just fine.

One thing I do need to sort out is some protection for the tank. There is no protector as there was on the GS so I have ordered a couple of protectors, one clear and one rubber, to consider. At this stage I’m undecided which to install. No doubt I’ll end up posting my decision.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Black Betty

  1. I got my R1250 GSA Rallye TE the same Sunday morning you got yours! Perhaps we were there at the same time. I did my deal with Steve Parry but the handover was done by young lady who’s name escapes me for the moment but was very good and has a few bikes of her own.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your website and look forward to your book’s release. Well done.

  2. I remember. I think you were right in front of me. Hope you are enjoying the bike as much as I am and give me a shout if you see me browsing round Chester Motorrad or grabbing a drink at the hut.

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