Getting acquainted with the R1250 GS Adventure

The weather has not been kind since I took delivery of the new R1250 GS Adventure Rallye TE. My first decent ride to the Lake District was wet, very wet, but it got me to my first service. Although I have since had a ride out around North Wales, the forecast has been anything up to and including flood warnings.

Bleak on the moors. Heading to the Lake District on the first ride out.

This has allowed me more garage time. I have taken the opportunity to continue to fit out the new bike to my liking. This is with both new purchases and items from the old GS.

TFT, Navigator and Headset Connectivity

Getting the connectivity right was my initial task. I am generally happy the TFT dash still stubbornly refuses to show all my playlists. I have done my research and have seen others having the same issue. The problem is that many have variations on the theme which makes replicating the problem and finding a solution difficult. I have deleted my pairings and remade them far too many times to feel like I want to pressure the answer at this stage since everything else works great with the NAV6 and the Cardo Packtalk Bold (JBL).

For the record, the pairing sequence that everyone seems to agree on is:

  • First pair headset with TFT (Primary connection)
  • Secondly pair headset with NAV6
  • Next pair phone with TFT (Allow contact syncing)
  • Now pair phone with NAV6 (Don’t allow contact syncing. Turn off telephone use in the options of the NAV6 Bluetooth settings for the device)

On the subject of NAV6 I had a problem with it not being detected by the TFT when it was in the cradle. This meant I couldn’t toggle the wheel control between the TFT and the NAV6. This was resolved on the first service with a warranty change of the cradle and wiring loom.

Operation transfer

The parts that came from the old GS were my Touratech bar bag which has proven to be invaluable on past tours. Although I now have a compartment on the tank for trinkets. This is a feature of the R1250 GS Adventure, not present on the standard GS. It currently contains some Werther’s toffees.

My GoPro mount also was transferred. After a concern that the fitting was different I managed to slot it in place securely. I had kept the side stand enlarger from the GS. Curiously the GSA foot is a different shape to the GS forcing me to buy a new one.

GoPro mount and Side-stand Enlarger Installed

Luggage fashionista

Much of my focus has been on the panniers. Even before I took delivery I had agonised over my options. There were standard aluminium, anodised black, vinyl wrapped black or a vinyl with a design. In the end I decided that I would stay ‘true’ to the adventure bike’s purpose. Stickers would populate the luggage with places visited. I had lost most of my collection with the old Vario boxes going with the GS. I did have some duplicate spares that gave me a start.

A small scuff appeared on the tank after my first ride so had researched my options since the R1250 GS Adventure doesn’t have the same rubber protector that the GS has. I had look at patterned tank protectors and clear ones but eventually decided on a black rubber protector from Rubbatech. It has a carbon fibre pattern on it and the R1250 logo which makes it look very OEM and not an aftermarket addition.

I had also intended to apply adhesive rubber protection to the top of the panniers and had looked on eBay at a full set of dimpled rubber but I was so impressed with the quality and look of the tank protector I went again with the Rubbatech. It had the same carbon fibre pattern and had an embossed compass to complete the ‘adventure’ look. It was a little more expensive but I feel a good investment in the long run.

Netting a bargain

I had seen that Touratech made a net that attached inside the pannier lid to make use of the area for storage. Its a great idea but I felt that it was a bit pricey especially as they shipped as single items and I would want two. As I have shown with the Rubbatech mats, I do like things to look good but I conceded that these would largely remain unseen. A quick but of browsing on Amazon and I’d bought two cheap cargo nets and a pack of adhesive cable mounts with ties, all for a fraction of the price of the Touratech nets.

I now live in hope that the weather will be kind and let me get out and ride rather than tinker in the garage.

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