Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Jacket review

Looking for a mesh riding jacket? You’d not go far wrong with the Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Motorcycle Jacket. I got the chance to try one and this is my review.

The right gear for the right weather

The weather defines a lot about life with a motorcycle. The weather influences riding habits and equipment purchases. As a UK based biker it is usually about the lower extremes of temperature and if it will rain.

I’ve found this isn’t always the case riding overseas where you can be dealing with extreme heat and humidities. While it is not uncommon to adventure suits with various ventilation options, you will no doubt find instances where you don’t need to look like you are planning to cross continents. 

The Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Jacket.

If you are looking for more casual look on a hot day, it can be uncomfortable with a heavy jacket. While it’s more common for those living in hotter climates to be more accustomed to this, it’s not always the case in the UK. The hot weather we experienced in the UK last summer had me considering alternatives wear. Therefore, it was with great interest when I was asked to try the Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Motorcycle Jacket.


The specifications tick all the boxes of what you would expect from a motorcycle jacket. The construction is water resistant PU (Polyurethane) coated Cordura. The jacket has CE approved armour on the elbows, shoulders back and chest. The latter chest armour is something that you don’t always find on many jackets and is a nice addition.

Chest armour for added protection

Comfortable fit

 The jacket feels well constructed and there is plenty of adjustability with velcro waist adjustment straps and press stud straps for adjusting the fit of the sleeves. There is plenty of room on the cuff to accommodate a larger glove if required and it can be easily closed and adjusted with a zip and velcro closures. The reflective piping and detail on the jacket ensures that it not only looks good but has the visibility from a safety perspective.

Adjustment press stud on the arms

I was quite impressed on how substantial the jacket is. While I was expecting it to be a summer option only, with its quilted and removable inner thermal liner this jacket could easily be used during the winter. My focus however was how suitable this would be for riding in hot conditions, and with the breathable design it works rather well. 

Air-Flow system

The front, back and sleeves feature an Air-Flow system that channels air through the jacket to keep the rider cool. This in no way compromises the protection that the jacket offers. While it offers the aforementioned CE rated protection, it at no point feels bulky and this together with the ventilation makes it a great summer jacket (did I mention it has all he credential to perform in the cold too). This offers great value for money.

With the adjustability and comfortable fit I also liked the shape around the waist and torso. The front of the jacket has been kept short and will not impede your legs when sat on a motorcycle. The lower back is extended so can be assured that you will be well covered in a riding position and not exposed.

So many pockets!

On first inspection of the jacket what you notice immediately is the amount of pockets. There are more pockets than a troop of kangaroos! There are pockets outside and inside. Pockets for phones, sunglasses, knives, and wallets. Each are nicely labelled should you be wondering what could go in each. There is also a larger pocket on the inside that has additional padding. This would be especially useful for carrying anything bulky that would otherwise have a tendency to dig into your ribs. There is also a nice feature of a small hidden pocket to the lower lining. I often carry the spare key. This is the small plastic emergency key you often get, and this would sit perfectly in this location.

A pocket for everything
The secret is out… there’s the pocket

Headphone cable management

I tend to use bluetooth to my helmets communicator but for those who are using wired headphones this has been catered for. The jacket has an internal cable management for your headphones in the way of small clips to route the wires. The wire can either be routed to the left or right and can then be passed through a silicon grommet to either of the external pockets giving you easy access to your device.

The grommet allows routing of a headphone cable to the inside of the jacket


This is a great jacket. It looks smart, fits well, cools, can be warm, and offers protection. While I can’t comment on its ability to withstand a slide, visually I would expect it to hold up very well. 


CONSTRUCTION PU coated Cordura. ergonomic pullers and zippers
VENTILATION Front Air-Flow Vents and Breathable Design
INSULATION Removable Thermal Liner
PROTECTION CE approved armor on Elbows, Shoulders, Back and Chest
ADJUSTABILITY 6 point Adjustment including lockdown waist adjustment
PANTS-ATTACHMENT Belt loops for pants Attachment
VISIBILITY Reflective Piping on Shoulders, Chest, and Back

For more details on the Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Motorcycle Jacket or to purchase online visit the Viking Cycles website

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