Destination Geneva

Reminiscent of aviation pre-flight checks, I am running down my lists and making sure nothing has been forgotten.

Counting the days

With only a handful of days left until departure I am reminded that I have been counting down for this trip since day 238 (according to my desktop countdown app). This was the day that the final date was set that triggered the flight bookings.

If you have read my past posts on the subject you will be aware that while I’m always planning the next trip, this one has been over four years in the making. As discussed over a beer outside a North Carolina cabin just off the Cherohala Skyway, it’s only fitting that I will be joined in Geneva by four American friends on the 4th July.

2015 trip to the Tail of the Dragon when planning started

I expect this to be my final blog post until I return with tales to be told.

All in the planning

I’m optimistic that I have nailed down a great route that includes all the main passes through France, Italy and Switzerland. There will be 22 in total from the Combe Laval on the western edge of our planned route to the Stelvio Pass to the East.

The core of the route is retracing steps from my previous visit and I’m especially thrilled to be re-enacting some of my previous highlights such as the picturesque village La Clusaz, the exhilarating views from the Col de L’Iseran and the Petit St. Bernard. Also the small personal moments like the morning petit déjeuner with coffee and a fresh croissant.

The view from the Petit St. Bernard

Equally I’m excited to be visiting new places. The trip was defined by its most west and easterly points. Both the Combe Laval in France and the Stelvio Pass in Italy are new experiences, as are many of the roads that string these two destinations together. Notably the San Bernadino Pass and the Splügen Pass to name but two.

The Combe Laval balcony road in the Vercors, France

For now though I’ll just keep ticking the days off my Adventure Bike Rider calendar while waiting for the day when I roll off the drive heading for the Bikeshuttle.

Follow the trip on Facebook

You can follow the trip on my Facebook group as I will be posting regularly throughout the trip.

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