Forma Adventure Low Boots and Wunderlich 3D Ergo screen deflector revisited

I recently bought and did a preliminary review of the Forma Adventure Low Boots and Wunderlich 3D Ergo screen deflector. Some 1700 miles later and with a North Coast 500 trip under my belt I can give you an update on how both are performing.

Forma Adventure Low Boots

I had high expectations of these boots given the favourable comments I had seen before I bought them and I have not been disappointed. While they were comfortable from the first time I put them on they have become one of the best items of footwear I have had the enjoyment of wearing.

My preliminary requirements were for grip, we all know that feeling of putting your foot down on loose gravel, and for wet weather capability. The boots excelled in both departments.

They had initially felt a little cumbersome but soon bedded in. It was not long until I was shifting on the protective pad to the top of the boot rather than the occasional missed shift where I had connected with the lever using my toe. The rugged tread pattern on the sole gave me the confidence I was looking for when wrestling a fully laden GS on any surface that came my way.

I was also pleasantly surprised on how comfortable these were to hike around in. They felt neither cumbersome nor clumsy on the off bike excursions, notably a stroll around Urquhart Castle or a slog down and back up the steps at Smoo Cave on my NC500 trip.

Despite their solid construction my feet never felt uncomfortably hot in hot weather or cold on the miserable rainy days that confirmed their waterproof properties.

Putting the boots on was also a pleasure and the velcro closure held the side flaps in place and the two quick release buckles snapped shut with ease. Taking them off was similarly effortless, a godsend after a long days riding.

I would recommend a tall pair of riding socks as, despite the padded neck of the boot, they could possibly rub your shin being a low boot but I didn’t experience any discomfort. That being the only unfavourable comment, and hardly worth a mention, I would wholeheartedly give them a 5/5 rating.

Wunderlich 3D Ergo screen deflector

I had bought the deflector without actually having any real issues with the stock screen. Sure I was aware of the air passing over the helmet but nothing that concerned me greatly but with a few motorway miles ahead of me I thought that I’d give it a try.

It wasn’t until I had got a few miles under my belt that I truly started to appreciate the difference. It was notably more peaceful behind the screen and this also had the unexpected benefit of making me sit more upright, thus improving my posture. I have on short day trips occasionally found my lower back to be stiff but on the last 1700 miles since I put it on I have had no such repeat of the experience.

Testament to its performance and looks is the fact that it has remained in place since it was fitted. I did leave a torx in my bar bag with the intention of taking it off after the motorway miles, prior to a good hack on the curvier routes.

While it never got in the way of my field of view while clean, It did obscure my sight slightly in the grubby weather but then so would a dirty visor. A quick wipe corrected this, and while on the topic of visors I found that it gave me notable protection from flies hitting my helmet. I only once had to wipe a particularly juicy specimen from my visor.

Another product that I would have to give a 5/5 rating.



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